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Non-Latex Bands and Tubing
Resistive exercise products play a vital role in home and clinical rehabilitation regimens and strengthening programs prescribed by health care professionals. Today, progressive resistance exercise products are used for rehabbing muscle and joint injuries, work hardening programs, and aerobic and aquatic exercise programs. REP Band® Products can play an integral part in these programs to strengthen muscles and increase endurance.   What differentiates REP Band® Resistive Exercise Products from other resistive exercise products is that it they are made of non-latex material and are powder and odor-free. A quality resistive exercise product that will not trigger latex allergies or leave a dusty powder on your clothes after exercising.

     • Latex-Free
     • Odorless
     • No Powder
     • Made in the USA

That's quality. That's Progressive Thinking!

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REP Band® Resistive Exercise Bands
Offering five levels of progressive resistance, REP Band® Resistive Exercise Bands make it easy for each individual user to begin at the appropriate level of resistance and progressively increase the intensity of the exercise by increasing the resistance level of the REP Band® Exercise Band.

There are numerous resistive exercises
that can be done with REP Band® Resistive
Exercise Bands. Some examples are
shown below:
  Unlike other resistive exercise bands on the market, REP Band® is latex-free, meaning it poses no danger to patients or caregivers who suffer from latex allergies. REP Band® Exercise Bands exhibit the same performance characteristics as latex without the potentially negative effects of latex. REP Band® also is powder-free and odor-free, another characteristic that distinguishes it from traditional latex bands.
resistive exercises
REP Band® Exercise Band
The ONE Band That Does It All


REP Band Boxes
Part # Description Part # Description
3000 Level 1 - Peach 3005 Level 1 - Peach
3001 Level 2 - Orange 3006 Level 2 - Orange
3002 Level 3 - Green 3007 Level 3 - Green
3003 Level 4 - Blue 3008 Level 4 - Blue
3004 Level 5 - Plum 3009 Level 5 - Plum
Five levels of progressive resistance.
No latex. No powder. No odor.

Continuous rolls of 4-in/10cm wide resistive bands. Simply cut the length required for each patient. Available in 6-yd/5.5m and 50-yd/45m dispenser boxes.

Band® Pre-Cut Lengths

Available in 4-ft. and 5-ft. packages in your choice of 5 resistance levels. Call for custom lengths or custom packaging information.
Click Here to download the Rep Band® Resistance Chart

REP Band Dispenser
REP Band Packages

REP Band® Dispenser

With space for five 50-yard rolls, the “total view” design of the REP Band® Dispenser makes measuring a length of band easy and allows you to monitor stock and reorder when rolls are running low.

Part # R058 – Dispensing tower holds one 50-yard roll of each resistance
REP Band® Resistive Exercise Tubes
The First Non-Latex Exercise Tubing
Like REP Band® Resistive Exercise Bands, REP Band® Resistive Exercise Tubing is latex-free, odor-free, and powder free. The same benefits for resistive exercise are attainable with the same five levels of resistance for customizing a resistance exercise program.

Five levels of progressive resistance.
No latex. No powder. No odor.

Available in 25-ft/7.5m and 100-ft/30m
dispenser boxes.

Click here to download the Rep Band® Resistance Chart
REP Band Tubes Boxes
REP Band Tubes Exercise Photo
Click here to learn how to
use REP Band tubing with
a Thera-Loop™ Door Anchor

Part # Description Part # Description
3100 Level 1 - Peach 3105 Level 1 - Peach
3101 Level 2 - Orange 3106 Level 2 - Orange
3102 Level 3 - Green 3107 Level 3 - Green
3103 Level 4 - Blue 3108 Level 4 - Blue
3104 Level 5 - Plum 3109 Level 5 - Plum
REP Band Tubes Close-up
REP Band® Resistive Exercise
product family is indicated for the following:

  • Sport injury prevention and rehabilitation, especially strengthening of the
    Deltoid muscle to protect the Rotator Cuff
  • Low back pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity and weight control
  • Sarcopenia (ie, a loss of skeletal muscle mass that may accompany aging)
  • Diabetes
  • Impaired physical function in frail and elderly persons
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